Fyrbodal Association of Local Authorities

The Fyrbodal association of local authorities was founded in 2005. The association is composed of 14 local authorities located in Dalsland, northern Bohuslän and the northwest corner of Västergötland. This area is home to a population of 270,000, of which approximately half live in the three cities Trollhättan, Uddevalla and Vänersborg.

Fyrbodal is one of four sub-regional local authority associations in Västra Götaland. The other three are: The Gothenburg region, the Borås region and the Skaraborg association of local authorities.

The Fyrbodal association of local authorities has the following responsibilities

• Coordinate collaborative regional growth and development efforts

• Act as a common platform for business intelligence, opinion-building and formulating future visions

• Actively promote local authority interests through meeting with decision-makers, compose and submit referral statements, etc.

• Manage collaborative development projects for our member authorities

• Create the conditions for applying for and using EU resources in projects

• Create and manage networks, disseminate ideas and promote knowledge-sharing

The association is managed by a politically appointed board consisting of representatives from the 14 member local authorities.



Andreas Borg


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